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What is Take Notice?

Take Notice is an interactive animation that encourages young children to explore nature. When the viewer presses play, they are taken to an urban park scene where there is a variety of flora and fauna which they can click on to watch close-up nature cycles unfold. The animation moves at a slow pace to give it a calming effect. This was inspired by my own personal experiences as living with a disability means that I observe the natural world at a gentler pace. I also believe there is a real need for more slow-paced children’s media as many of the digital platforms for children are dominated by fast-paced design with few opportunities to slow down and be reflective. I designed Take Notice to be interactive as I want to give children the opportunity to learn independently and make their own discoveries. I hope it can be used as a resource that inspires children to have first-hand experiences with nature so they can develop a love of the natural world and become more ecologically aware.

Watch Take Notice here


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